Welcome to OUHK Office365 Email Service

First Time User

If it is your first time logging on to the email service, your initial password will be: 'OUhk' +   your HKID (last 4 digits) + Day of Birth (DD)  + Month of Birth (MM). Your Office365 ID and Email address will be 'a' + first 7 digits of your OUHK Student ID + '@live.ouhk.edu.hk' .

For example, the account information of a user with OUHK student ID 12345678, HKID A432125(8) and date of birth 01 Feb 1973 will be:

                Office365 ID and Email address: a1234567@live.ouhk.edu.hk              Initial password: OUhk12580102          

After logon, you will be prompted to assign a new password .  You are required to logon using your new password. Then you can use  and enjoy the OUHK Office365 email service.

Returning User

Your Live ID and Email address will be 'a' + first 7 digits of your OUHK Student ID + '@live.ouhk.edu.hk'. Useful information can be found at:

  • FAQ
  • @
  • Microsoft Outlook Web App web site
  • @

    If you need further assistance, you may contact our ITU Hotline at Tel: 2711-2100 or email ituhelp@ouhk.edu.hk

    Reset Password

     If you cannot login your Office 365 account, you can follow here (required your OUHK SSO account and password to login) to reset the Office 365 account password.

    Microsoft Office and One Drive for Current Students

    After the successful logon, you can download the Microsoft Office by clicking "Office 365" at the top left-hand corner menu icon of the page. You will see the download/install link in the coming page.

    Eligibility to use Microsoft Office and One Drive will be terminated if you have not enrolled any active courses. Please make sure to backup or download the files in your One Drive. Otherwise, the files in your One Drive will be lost once after termination.

    If you do not want to use OUHK Office365 and would like to opt out this service, please follow here.